Disneyland Christmas Gifts – The Best Ideas for 2013

The Disneyland resorts are going to be offering some amazing souvenirs and gifts for the Disneyland Christmas season. I’d suggest one of everything, but then we would all be broke! So what you decide to purchase should be what you find your heart truly wants (OK, again that might be everything).

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade (Personal picture)

Disneyland Ornaments – The tree fixings might be a perfect accompaniment to your holiday season. Christmas trees are perfect for ornaments or if a tree is out of the question it could be hung around the house. You will notice there are plenty of great ideas showcasing a number of characters on a variety of ornament types.

Disneyland stuffed animals – The only thing better than a stuffed Mickey is a stuffed Mickey with a holiday theme. There will be plenty of sizes and designs to choose from over the holiday season so expect to have a tough time choosing. Stuffed dolls are perfect for the youngsters too.

Disneyland candy – nothing better than a sweet treat from the happiest place on earth. Well, maybe two sweet treats, but that would be the only thing better! From candy canes to fudge, the bakers and candy makers are working overtime to have plenty of delicious treats out for the holiday season.

Disneyland holiday hats – Over the years my favorite hat from Disneyland was a holiday cap I bought around Christmas. Some fantastic designs are seen around the holidays and the Santa hats with ears is the best way to show off your love for Mickey (and Santa too!)

Snow at Disneyland near the Castle

Snow at Disneyland near the Castle

Disney holiday shirts and clothing – There is always an abundance of holiday shirts, coats and other fun Disneyland Christmas designs found at the Resort for purchase. Make sure you check the kiosks as well as the stores as sometimes the one-of-a-kind merchandise isn’t found at every location!

Disneyland Holiday 2013 Shopping Advice

If you struggle with a budget, consider getting Disney money for your purchases. That way you can easily keep track of your spending amount. It can be used at all the stores and offers an easy way to know what you are spending. The cool cash is fun to use as well. While some might be cashing in bills with President Lincoln or President Jefferson, you can have the crew of Disneyland as your banking backer!

Plus, it’s perfect for the younger spenders as once they are out, well, then they can’t spend anymore!