Disneyland Holiday Characters: Mickey Mouse & Pals Grab Holiday Sweaters

A Disneyland holiday wouldn’t be complete without a picture with Mickey and all his friends. The character can be seen at the traditional photo spots, but expect to see a little something more. Instead of wearing their everyday clothes, the Disneyland characters will be dressed up and ready for the holidays.

There is no doubt the pictures you take with the characters will easily be identified as holiday portraits. Usually Mickey will grab his snowflake sweater and Minnie has her holiday garb on too. It’s actually quite exciting for the kids as this special photographic memory is one that combines the happiest place on earth with a holiday.

When getting pictures with the characters, keep in mind it might take a few minutes before it is your turn. With so many guests wanting a picture (and maybe even an autograph) there is a considerable wait on busy days. Try to get in line earlier in the day and avoid going during times when you need to be at area attractions to return for a FastPass.


Consider getting your photo with all the characters for the holiday. While a picture with Mickey is a must (who doesn’t love him?) usually Donald Duck and other characters also are dressed up for the holidays too!