Disneyland Holiday Fireworks: Believe….In Holiday Magic

Disneyland’s Believe….In Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular has to be the best holiday show in Southern California. The Disneyland holiday tradition in Anaheim has people from around the world coming to see the nightly fireworks show. Known to be elaborate with music and fireworks choreographed to blow up behind the castle, the perfect moment brings tears to most guest’s eyes. And if you are hardcore, then you might tear up after the snow starts falling!

The Disneyland Holiday Fireworks show usually fills up when it gets closer to the holidays. Make sure you arrive plenty of time early and a word to the wise, don’t get too close to the castle. While some might assume closer is better, when it comes to the fireworks show, the further back you are the more likely it is to see the whole show. Otherwise the castle might block some of the view.

Picking out the perfect spot for the Disneyland Christmas fireworks might require some serious decision. You need to watch for obstructions and not getting too close to the speakers (but close enough to check out the snow).

The speakers can be seen on the posts above your head located around the castle and are rather inconspicuous. Keep in mind the snow machines usually are on the same posts (little black boxes) so you can easily find the speakers if you look hard enough. Being right in front of the speakers might be a little loud so consider a few feet away for the best spot. Also, in front of the snow machines means you will be covered in white bubbles (unless it is windy) so be prepared for that too.

When looking for your best visual spot remember to watch for balloons, tall people, video cameras with lights that don’t turn off and people who put their small children on their shoulders. The latter are the most difficult to avoid as they don’t put the children up until the last minute (and it’s much easier to spot a tall person in the crowd). For balloons a simple request to tie the balloon down is your best bet. If they have a camera that has a continuous light, it might be best to move as it is rare they will accommodate any request to turn the light off (or they just don’t know how).