Disneyland Holiday Music – Home or at Disneyland During Christmas Holidays

The Disneyland Resort music changes up when it comes to the holidays. The Disneyland Resort replaces the typical music heard around the park (and even in Downtown Disney) to a happier, more holiday type theme. Doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a bench in Main Street USA or standing outside the Haunted Mansion, the music is playing perfectly for the holidays.

Disneyland Christmas 2013

Disneyland Holiday 2013

For those folks who are busy running the park for the attractions, take a minute to stop and hear the tunes. The kids might not even notice as it becomes so subtle in the background. Of course, once they do take note, expect them to be impressed. It isn’t every day that the Chipmunks sing holiday tunes!

While the Disneyland Resort has lots of music to hear, sometimes it would be awesome to hear that music at home too! Never fear, there are a few stations that offer Disney music to their followers with a focus on holiday themes. Our personal favorite has to be Subsonic Radio. With a whole channel devoted to the Disney Holiday music, there is plenty of great tunes to be heard while in the comfort of your own home! From background music, to shows at the park, the mix and match will bring back memories of the great time you and the kids had visiting!