Disneyland Nutcracker Men Play Horns: A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

Disneyland nutcrackers

The Disneyland A Christmas Fantasy Parade always ends with Santa Claus waving to the guests at the resort, but there are some highlights too good not to discuss during the parade. One of the best moments of any parade has to be the colorful nutcrackers who march by as they play the horns. The live blast of music will send a delightful chill down your spine.

Perfectly moving in formation and giving everyone a visual eyeful, the nutcrackers already make plenty of noise as they shuffle down the street, but adding the musical instrument makes the moment special. A roar from the crowd always seems to surface when the nutcrackers pause from playing their instruments as everyone is so excited that they got to experience such a magical moment!

How these talented individuals can even see out of their costumes, play the horns and walk in such straight lines down the street is still amazing. Perhaps that is why the Disneyland magic around the holiday is so special. Plus, where else can you see nutcrackers playing the horns? Yeah, no place!