Disneyland Resort Holiday Food and Sweet Treats

A special time during the holidays is impossible without special food as this is a Disneyland Christmas after all. Make sure you are tempted to pick up a few of the seasonal foods that are offered during the holidays. Sold at different outlets around the park, there are a few favorites that must be tried (it’s the holidays and that gives every calorie counter a pass).

Disneyland Christmas Food Recommendation #1: Mickey’s Christmas Cookies

Disneyland cookie

Disneyland cookie

The Disneyland Christmas cookies are to die for….literally. The best of the cookies aren’t a particular kind, but the overall quality. Whether you decide on a sugar cookie with sprinkles or a cookie that looks like Mickey’s face, the baked goods are absolutely yummy to taste!

Another perfect food to taste is the Disneyland candy canes. Sold only on certain days and times, the sweet candy is perfect to munch on during any ride (or take it home and enjoy there too). Only sold once a year, the candy canes are hard to find and worth every bite.

Mickey’s hot chocolate is perfect to accompany those delicious cookies. OR my personal favorite watching the fireworks over the castle. While the fingers always seem to get a bit cold, the cup of the warm delicious beverage isn’t lost on keeping the pinkies warm.

Pickles. Yeah, there is no place for pickles as a special holiday food (unless you count the beginner’s plate) but that no excuse on why not to pick one up and munch away. Considered a specialty at the Disneyland Resort (and other Disney parks) it’s important to keep the ritual of one strange food at a theme park alive! However it might not be advisable to have a pickle and a cookie at the same time.