Disneyland Snow: Family Favorite at Disneyland Resort for Christmas

It might be Anaheim, but at the Disneyland Resort it snows every year an it happens daily, especially around the holidays. The snow is man-made, but still offers a twinge of delight as the guests get to see the white fluffy stuff falling around the castle. While some folks might think that snow isn’t a big deal, with the picture perfect location, it really makes the scene perfect.

Snow at Disneyland near the Castle

Snow at Disneyland near the Castle

The snow really isn’t snow, per se. Mostly a combination of tiny bubbles, the precipitation can easily pass as the real deal, but it doesn’t have the concerns of a cold chill to follow.

Combined with the music, the snowing action around the castle is a special moment on the vacation. Make sure you have your camera ready and the kids prepared for the snow to start to fall.

Snowing near Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle is stunning

Looking to find the perfect place to see the snow is important for the kids. While some want to see the snow, others want to be in the middle of it and have it fall on their shoulders. If this sounds like you, then you need to look for the little black boxes on posts near the castle. Usually paired with the speakers, the new machines spray the crowds in a forward motion roughly six to ten feet. Make sure you stand in front of the boxes and keep in mind the snow is so light that the wind will easily carry the precipitation further or in a different direction.