Disneyland Video: It’s A Small World Holiday Projection Show 2013

Several times a night the lights dim outside of It’s A Small World and the crowd lets out a scream of delight. During the Disneyland Christmas this delightful moment is because of the It’s A Small World Holiday Projection Show. The outside building of the popular theme park ride comes alive with plenty of lights and animation that has people gasp with delight.

The highlights of this unique show includes the mastermind of the outside turning into a gingerbread house, the toy soldiers that open the presents and the end where all the lights that blast the darkness in beautiful delight.

The It’s A Small World Holiday show is one that can’t be missed! Kids young and old will appreciate how the cool Anaheim air is warmed up from all the joy found in the season. Of course there is nothing wrong with watching it more than once (and you can as it happens several times nightly.)