Haunted Mansion Holiday with Jack Skellington

A Disneyland holiday is not complete without a visit from Jack Skellington for a Haunted Mansion Holiday. He arrives every year to take over the Haunted Mansion. Part Halloween and part Christmas, the best of the two seasons collide for a great look at how Christmas could be taken over.

Haunted Mansion Holiday 2013

Haunted Mansion Holiday 2013

During the Halloween season, the ride becomes extremely popular with the line being up to three hours long on the days leading up to Halloween. However as it gets closer to Thanksgiving, the lines tend to ease up and there is a good reason to enjoy the ride.

In 2013, be on the lookout for some new features. The new ceiling effect has many guests delighted and there are some delightful new perks when riding the Doom Buggy as well!

The outside of the Haunted Mansion Holiday is well decorated with Jack Skellington’s sleigh and all the pumpkin treats. Pumping in the Halloween music from the movie, the wait will pass by rather quickly while you admire the sights and sounds of the attraction.

Offering a story line that gives a (harmless) fright, you will enter the elevator and be well on your way to enjoying a little Halloween fun. From the moving pictures, to the elaborate display as you enter the Doom Buggies, there is much to see.

A few personal favorites include the pumpkin man wearing armor and the centerpiece of the table as the ghosts dance around the room (see here for additional information). Then, the graveyard, with all the pumpkins armed with horns shares the story quite nicely.

The Haunted Mansion has fans loving the way Jack Skellington takes over the holiday. It’s visually stimulating, but not too scary and when you add the music, it’s perfect!


Make sure you stop by after dark to take a look at the outside of the Haunted Mansion. It twinkles as the house gets made over by Jack Skelleton and the lights are simply marvelous!