It’s a Small World Holiday Light Show

The Disneyland holiday experience isn’t complete without a ride on the It’s a Small World Holiday. Converted into a holiday themed ride, the boat takes you to different countries and you explore the ways of celebrating around the world. There is also several holiday events that happen outside the ride too.

The outside of the building will be lit up for all to see several times on a typical evening. With a light show that includes a musical composition, the walls of the attraction are transformed into a landscape of holiday delight. Complete with Disney characters and lots of light, the view of the moment is short, but wonderful to watch.

Don’t be late for It’s a Small World Holiday Outdoor Show

After the light show the lights of It’s a Small World come on and the outlines of the buildings are absolutely fantastic. It’s almost memorizing to see such a moment as each light seems to twinkle in it’s own very unique way. Even if you miss the show, a chance to stand and watch the lights as they glow is worth walking to the attraction.

Bring your camera as this is one of the best places to take a snapshot after dark. With the lights glowing in the background, you can easily find a perfect spot to showcase the attraction while you pose for the shot.