It’s a Small World Holiday

It's a Small World Holiday

It’s a Small World Holiday

It’s a Small World always becomes a little brighter around the holidays with It’s a Small World Holiday. One of the two attractions that change up for the holidays (the other being the Haunted Mansion) the guests who travel around the world get to see the youngsters sing about Christmas.

What’s not to love about the Disneyland Christmas cruise during the holidays? Not only are the same characters present, Santa shows up to enjoy a magical experience as well and offers a touch of delight.

During your ride, expect to see the holiday traditions of the world and get a glimpse on how people celebrate Christmas. While we might have our own customs, on the ride there are new ideas and concepts on how others celebrate the seasons. And there are even a few ducks singing from holiday song books (thrown in for good measure, but doubtful to be accurate on how fowl celebrate holidays).

It’s not all about what you see on the Small World ride during the holidays, it’s what you smell. Pay close attention to the different holiday smells wafting in the air. From the candy smells to the potpourri, the typical ride has little to no smells whatsoever.

While the majority of cheery children are inside the attraction, outside is just as beautiful. The Santa hat on the clock is fun to see and so are the rest of the decorations. In the evening the lighting ceremony is worthy of checking out too.


Lines get long closer to the holidays for this attraction. Don’t risk spending an hour in line when you can spend five minutes hitting the attraction earlier in the day. If you decide to wait in line remember it is outside and you should consider multitasking by eating lunch, making phone calls or just relaxing.