Lighting of the Disneyland Christmas Tree on Main Street USA

Disneyland Christmas Tree

Disneyland Christmas Tree (personal photo)

The Christmas Tree on Main Street USA is the centerpiece of Disneyland. Walking into the park, the area in the middle of the space has the traditional tree that is beautiful and stunning. There is a photo opportunity at this location during the day and at night.

Make sure to walk all the way around the tree. The oversize ornaments are delightful to view and seem to be strategically placed around the tree so there is a different ornament for every shot. From the cute teddy bear to the bulbs, it seems like every item is perfectly set on this mammoth display.

Under the tree are a few gifts. larger than most of the children who pose near the tree, the gifts waiting for the children are visually attractive and bring smiles to the youngsters who walk by.

The star on top of the tree has to be another amazing point on the tree. Over three floors high, the star on top of the tree looks far away and can easily be seen when standing near the castle (and even in Fantasyland).

Don’t forget to take several pictures at this location. Depending on the time of day, you might find the perfect setting first thing in the morning or later on in the evening.


If you’re looking to avoid long lines around the tree, make time to see the area during the middle of the day. The crush of the crowd when the park opens and then as the evening ends usually means dozens of people are posing in front of the big tree.